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Giving Thanks – 2021

As we enter the annual “Thanksgiving” holiday, I am reminded of the extensive training I received to think of something I am thankful for this year and celebrate it. Wow, what a year to ask me for that!

I thought for a bit and decided I would give thanks for the friends I’ve had in my life. Going back to my childhood, I count all who have had a continuing impact on me throughout my life. Some friendships were timestamped and others were lasting, but all had their reasons.

I’m especially thankful for a few specific men in my life who each, mostly unknowingly, took the place of my father during very important years of my life. I was not blessed to have a decent father in this lifetime and was without one at home by the age of 12.  While that was unfortunate, I was very fortunate to establish friendships with ‘father figures’ who collectively taught me about responsibility, decency and care, passed on experience and skills, and provided me with laughter and respect. To them, I am eternally thankful.

Experiencing Maine and its beautiful coastline, may not have happened without a 30+ year friendship. I owe so much more back to him, but I can no longer return. ‘Purple Cadillac’ was created and dedicated to his memory. He loved Maine and loved cars. The view from atop Cadillac Mountain (1530 ft elevation) is amazing. The surrounding islands, mountain base and Atlantic waters from this elevation have a purple shade and appear as if painted in oil. The effects created in Purple Cadillac hi-light this experience.  

Part of the Balance & Peace Gallery, ‘Purple Cadillac’ is also available in the Ballay Gallery Shop.

Thanks for your support and Happy Thanksgiving, 2021!!

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