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Flat Matte vs Premium Luster

In the Ballay Gallery Shop – ‘Wall Art’ section, you will see I offer two print options for my framed art prints (Flat Matte or Luster Finish). After considerable thought and sample reviews, I decided it would be worth me sharing my findings in a blog post to educate my customers on the differences between the two.

On the left of the picture in this blog, you will see the Flat Matte Finish version and on the right is the Premium Luster Finish. From the artist and creator perspective, the Premium Luster Finish option on the right is the hands down better of the two for quality. As you can clearly see, the colors are much more vivid on the print on the right and more consistent to my design. The quality of the paper is also much higher and thicker than the Flat Matte Finish version. I think the majority of customers will prefer this option for display on their wall, but it is more expensive to produce as reflected in my retail pricing (+ $14-$20). If you prefer a higher quality framed print, I highly recommend spending the extra $14-$20 (depending on size) for the Premium Luster Finish framed print.

That being said, I decided to still provide a lower cost option to my customers by including the Flat Matte Finish as an alternative purchase option. The Flat Finish has no gloss effect, which may also be preferable to some customers.

I hope this blog helps!

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