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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a message to my site. Autumn is almost here in the northern hemisphere, as we watch the dizzying and often distressful news about our country and world climate. Hard to believe time is flying by so fast, as my attention has been focused on my continuing formal education. This has been a welcomed distraction a times in these past two years!

You’ll also notice I managed to begin creating a new line of art called “The Gallery-Edge Collection”. My intention was to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a more focused perspective of my digital art and photography. The simple white ‘edge’ additionally presents a neutral pallet for decorative purposes, in contrast to the bold colors present in the borders of the Ballay Gallery “Color-Surround Collection”.

Many of my original works will be available as part of the Gallery-Edge Collection, as well as completely new works. I’ll be adding more soon over the coming months as I create them, so please check back for updates! The Ballay Gallery Shop also has a new section for the Gallery-Edge Collection and I welcome you to visit it here.

Growing up in the northeast, I always loved the Autumn season as it cooled down the air and invited some of my favorite colors, sounds and scents in nature. “Florida Fall” is the artwork I’ve included with this post, as it was taken on a brisk early morning shortly after a cold week in Florida that caused the leaves to turn those familiar Autumn colors.

I wish everyone a peaceful Autumn season and hope you enjoy your time looking through the Ballay Galleries! 

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