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‘Aloe Forest’ and the current fog…

“Cannot see the forest for the trees” is a timeless idiom meaning a person or organization is unable see or understand the big picture (the forest), because focus is too much on the details (the trees). This concept is innocent enough and common, albeit distributive to meaningful progress throughout our society, institutions, and history.  More dangerous today is the intentional fog layered into the forest to further reduce our capacity to see what is really going on around us in the broader sense, preventing many from making effective and informed decisions based on the big picture.

A large swath of our society today is being intentionally blinded by this fog and only focusing on the specific details in obvious view. The fog exploits a human weakness of perception and of laziness to simply accept what is presented, rather than explore what may be hidden from view and understand the bigger picture of what is actually there.

‘Aloe Forest’ represents my observation of today’s society and how so many now allow their intelligence and perspectives to be blinded by the fog created by those who want to control the narrative and obscure the forest. It is sadly an effective approach, aided by a less-educated society and less-socially engaged younger generations. This fog holds us back as a society, especially in the United States. Nature demonstrates that fog eventually lifts, so I have hope that we can once again progress without ignorance and see the forest.     

‘Aloe Forest’ is part of the Expanding Perspectives series at Ballay Gallery, also available in the Ballay Gallery Shop.

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