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About Shipping

If you purchase from Ballay Gallery, you will notice I offer free shipping for your order. I currently offer this whether you are in the U.S., UK or Canada. I can do this because my fulfilment partner has multiple locations able to produce and ship Ballay Gallery products on order, and my ability to incorporate the average cost of shipping into the overall retail price.

My ultimate goal was to make the ordering process easier and less stressful for my customers. Most times, I will break even on the shipping costs I pay on your behalf and sometimes, I may actually lose money on larger orders. Offering free shipping as a small business is a risk, but as with everything, there are upsides and downsides for both the business and customers. For the customer, free shipping removes one cost concern out of the equation and provides for a transparent upfront price (excluding tax). The downside is that it requires a little more patience on when you will ultimately receive your item.

For the most part, free shipping is not going to get you “next day” or “2nd day” delivery in any scenario. Even paying an annual Amazon Prime Membership can’t guarantee you that anymore! The reason is quite simple; most businesses require the assistance of one of the big carriers to transport product to your home at some point during the shipment process. When you pay the extra high fees for expedited shipping, it typically means they are utilizing air travel to move your package quicker and further help guarantee the speed and exact day of delivery.      

Any item purchased from Ballay Gallery is ‘custom-produced on order’ and then shipped to the appropriate carrier. Transit times are generally 2-4 business days, but remember to include production time of 1-3 days. The 3rd day generally accounts for the packaging and transfer of your product to the carrier for shipment, so the total time from your order is generally 5-7 business days. The time of year you order (i.e., holidays & weather) and “what” you order will account for the difference between 5-7 days, but 5 days is generally around the average time to expect receipt. In the end, I determined charging customers extra for expedited shipping via FedEx, UPS or DHL would only trim the receipt time down to a 3 or 4-day window, at a high cost to my customers.

Remember the items available in the Ballay Gallery Shop are meant to be enjoyed for years to come, so a few extra days wait to receive it will be worth your money saved on shipping it! One of the benefits I’m very happy with is the ability for you to receive updates and tracking information to your email box every step of the way directly from my email address, so you know when to expect your item(s). Products shipped this way are securely packaged and generally more carefully handled for the safe delivery of your purchase from Ballay Gallery!

While the time anticipating receipt for the unique Ballay Gallery item may be a little challenging, I’m sure most of my customers be very happy with the free shipping provided by Ballay Gallery and my fulfillment partner. After all, it will ultimately be a great example of the “Brilliance Of Patience”!

If patience is not an option for your intended order and you are willing to pay an extra fee, then you please click here for alternatives and instructions from Ballay Gallery.

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