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‘Stretch and Rest’ (pattern) – Tote Bag


• Versatile carry-all, with Ballay Gallery Art
• Full print on both sides
• 15” x 15” size, with dual bull-denim handles
• Strong 100% spun polyester fabric
• 2.6 US gal & 44lb weight capacity

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About the Art:

This space, for its simplicity of a bench under a large and old tree, was impressively inviting. Quiet and alone at the time, all I could hear were birds and a slight sound of leaves blowing in a breeze through the upper part of the tree. I wanted to sit there, but I didn’t know why. Looking later at the photo, I realized the shelter and strength of the long branches of this tree felt protective. The protection seemed without limits (hence the infinity within the image), which is very peaceful.

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