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‘Eternal Collision’ (Pattern) – Tote Bag


  • Versatile carry-all, with Ballay Gallery Art
  • Full print on both sides
  • 15” x 15” size, with dual bull-denim handles
  • Strong 100% spun polyester fabric
  • 6 US gal & 44lb weight capacity
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About the Art:

This is the only composition in my catalog not originating from my camera, but the colors are the focus. As recognized in the gay community and the world after being created in the 1970’s by a San Francisco based artist. The common 6 colors in this specific order represent Life (Red), Healing (Orange), Sunlight (Yellow), Nature (Green), Harmony (Blue) and Spirit (Purple). 

For me, this represents things we all share and the equality that should always exist. My design also acknowledges those who do not feel equal in our society, for various reasons. Those who survive this, do so through conflict, struggle and a mix of ever-changing emotions. The black represents all those who have lost their lives while struggling for equality on our shared earth.    



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