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‘Bound To Bee’ (pattern) – Tote Bag


  • Versatile carry-all, with Ballay Gallery Art
  • Full print on both sides
  • 15” x 15” size, with dual bull-denim handles
  • Strong 100% spun polyester fabric
  • 6 US gal & 44lb weight capacity
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About the Art:

As has been recently reported by science, the population of honey bees has been on the decline. A once feared part of nature during my younger days, I’ve found new appreciation for this amazing ‘nature-neighbor’. They have no interest in humans, but still benefit us and life around in ways that we have just come to “expect” and ultimately forget throughout human evolutionary time. Without them, many plants and trees will not reproduce as bees are often responsible for transferring pollen to other plants for reproduction.

And the honey….what would we do without the honey!? I am now very aware and appreciative of these little bugs, although I still do not want one I my house. I do what I can to help them thrive in nature by planting bee and butterfly attracting plants and trees on my property. While I would not call us friends, I will describe us now as accepting partners in life. We are ‘bound’ for life. 



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