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PAGE 1 – Art Gallery & Product General

How are the galleries organized?

a. I have grouped my artwork into categories based on the overall impact or subject. You will become familiar with these as you begin to experience Ballay Gallery. 

Does your art have any people?

a. To appreciate and enhance the surroundings outside of ourselves, I solely focus my compositions on our natural environments inclusive of the non-human lives and human-created objects existing in our lives.

I noticed a white Ballay Gallery “watermark” at the bottom corner of all art in the Gallery. Is this how it will appear on the final product?

a. No. The visible watermark on images within the online gallery and on social media is there to prevent unauthorized downloads and reproductions of any original Ballay Gallery artwork.

The authorized print you will receive has a ‘transparent’ watermark, discretely placed within the art, so it can be authenticated as an authorized Ballay Gallery print in the future.

Do the colors of the digital matte have significance?

a. Yes. First, the matte colors were specifically designed by me to pull out significant colors in the photo or artwork itself. I consider the matte to be an important part of the final composition. Additionally, the matte colors enhance the overall photo subject(s).

Can I purchase an artwork version without the digital matte and order my own color matte separately?

a. No. All of my art is created with a digital matte specific to the piece and is very much part of the overall creation. However, you can purchase a print only version of any piece at a specific size and then add an additional matte when you have it framed.

I like the digital matte with artwork name, but can I pick my own color?

a. Yes and No. I do not openly offer multiple color options for every piece, with minimal artistic exception. However, I will not shut the door on my loyal fans and am happy to consult and create this for an extra fee. Serious inquiries only can e-mail me at Please include “custom request” or “consultation request” in the subject line.

Do all digital matte versions include the artwork name?

a. No. I have created non-title versions, available as prints only or framed. You can navigate to these product sections from the main menu of the Ballay Gallery Shop.

I like the artist description and/or poem associated with the artwork. Can this be included on the artwork?

a. Not at this time. I will likely produce select pieces with the addition of an associated poem or quote as limited editions, in response to feedback I receive from my customers and offer for sale in the future.

Why are some image descriptions shorter than others?

a. I encourage my guests to read descriptions about each piece. Some may be longer than others, but all descriptions, quotes or poems provide you with insight and background of the piece.

Can I purchase a print, without the frame?

a. After review of shipping & handling, I decided it would not be beneficial to offer prints without frames. Shipping prints framed offers an extra level of protection for the print itself by ensuring they are shipped flat and handled more carefully by carriers.

What is the difference between Flat Matte Finish and Luster Finish?

a. Luster finish is printed on higher quality (Epson Ultra Premium Luster) paper, providing a highly saturated lock and maximum ink coverage. The Luster Finish also has a gloss finish, rather than the Flat Finish. The cost is around $14-$20 higher for a Premium Luster Finish print, due to the quality difference. I’ve also written a more detailed blog about this topic, titled “Flat Matte vs Premium Luster“.

How does the Ballay Gallery Watermark appear on an official print?

a. The watermark on Ballay Gallery print or framed print you purchase is transparent and designed to blend in with the art, to prevent unauthorized reproductions and certify authenticity.

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