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Brian D. Ballay, Artist
Brian D. Ballay, Photographer & Digital Artist

A personal message from Photographer & Digital Artist, Brian D. Ballay

I have been fascinated with cameras and photography for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I took pictures of all aspects of my life with nothing fancier than a flip-open camera available to me back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I snapped pictures of bikes, lawn mowers, friends, flowers, gardens, cars, pets, shadows, scenes, wildlife, school trips, antiques, buildings, bugs…you name it.

I’m an admirer of nature, a lover of other creatures, soluble in water, questioner of life, gentle in spirit, and here for just a moment. Life can be a struggle, but appreciating the life around helps push me through and make it matter. You will see all of this and more, reflected throughout my art.

My final art pieces are authentic to the location and original photograph. Even when I create an artistic twist on the original photograph, it is important for me to see the original photograph within and remember what I felt in that place. If done right, art should have the ability to connect us with our feelings and reality. The story it tells may be familiar to the viewer, whether comforting or not.

It is my mission to positively impact and influence many lives, more than once while always spreading love and kindness with appreciation and respect for all fellow life through my art.

~ Brian


My Creative Process

The compositions available in the Ballay Gallery are a result of much care and thought by me. You will see a mix of my original photography and artistic interpretations of each based on feelings about the subject or scene. You will occasionally see more than one version of the same picture, which were inspired by various emotions I had about the scene. I am very much a reality-based person, which is at the core of my creative process and art. I describe my art as realism, combined with soul. What you will see in my final pieces are authentic to the location and original photograph. I ultimately want my audience to see what I saw with confidence in the reality that these are places and scenes around us all in our lives. My goal is to illuminate these subjects to impact others by invoking emotions and inspiriting their souls.

How do I begin? My process starts with a mostly ‘back to basics photography” method, capturing everyday scenes that may otherwise be overlooked. This method makes my creative process more interesting to me and is what truly makes me proud of the final picture I choose from many hundreds of photos taken during a session. Even when I create an artistic twist on the original photograph, it is important for me to visualize the original scene and remember what I felt in that place. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you see in my gallery and find one or more to enjoy in your home or workspace!

I also welcome you to visit my gallery often, as I will frequently add more compositions and collections and encourage you to write to me at Please allow me some time to respond to direct questions.

The Options

All of my artwork is created with a unique digital matte, designed by me to compliment the art. The matte is a critical component of the final artistic piece.

I’ve developed products of my artwork to make it available to my fans in a few ways which are complimentary to the art, including Wall Art, Mugs, Tote Bags, Water Bottles and Notebooks. This provides everyone with the option to enjoy Ballay Gallery art in their home, office and/or on the go!

  • Wall Art: In the Ballay Gallery Shop, you will find Framed Prints available in select sizes in White or Black frames. I’ve made Framed Art available as Titled or Untitled versions in two print finish options; Flat Matte finish or Premium Luster finish. Canvas Wraps have also been created for a select number of works with and without artwork titles.
  •  Mugs: Select compositions are available and printed on 11oz & 15oz ceramic mugs, artist-curated 11oz color mugs and durable enamel mugs.
  • Tote Bags: Durable and versatile tote bags are printed on both sides. Due to fabric print restrictions, all are printed as untitled. Horizontal art is available in both full size print and pattern, while vertical is offered as pattern.
  • Water Bottles: When it worked, I have made Ballay Gallery art available for print on quality 17oz, double-walled stainless steel water bottles.
  •  Notebooks: 140 page notebooks with cover print of select artwork is also available in the Ballay Gallery Shop.

More on the digital mattes and titles: 

The mat colors and artwork title are designed to provide you with a full enjoyment of the artwork and meaning behind each piece. I intend the inclusive title to not only identify the artwork, but also promote conversation around it for many years to come and long after I am gone. As mentioned previously, I do offer ‘untitled’ Framed versions of each as an alternative option and have organized these separately within the Ballay Gallery Shop for easy access.

NEW: The Gallery-Edge Collection presents Ballay Gallery art (including new works), with a simple white trim. This offers a sleek, contemporary and timeless presentation suitable with any environment or decor.

In the future, I do plan to offer personally signed-Matte Limited Edition runs of popular compositions. I will announce Limited Edition runs first by email to my subscribers, providing them an opportunity to order first before announcing on my Blog. Stay tuned!