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Illuminating life, invoking emotions, inspiriting souls…

Enjoy a journey through the Ballay Gallery…

With a broad range of art organized into galleries such as “Appreciating Nature”, “Balance & Peace”, “Reflections of Life” and “Inspiring Optimism”, the intent of Ballay Gallery becomes clear. I hope many visiting will find inspiration in one or more of my creations and the stories or poems I share with each. Some will make you think, others will make you smile and a few may make you introspect. All have been created to illuminate life, invoke emotions and inspirit souls…

Brian D. Ballay, Photographer & Digital Artist

Samples below, with more to see in the Galleries!

*all works are available with or without the title

My Mission

It is my mission to positively impact and influence many lives, more than once while always spreading love and kindness with appreciation and respect for all fellow life.

Brian D. Ballay, Photographer & Digital Artist

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